04 Jul Great Crested Newts – Do you need a survey?

Survey for great crested newts if:

  • distribution and historical records suggest newts may be present
  • there’s a pond within 500 metres of the development, even if it only holds water some of the year
  • the development site includes refuges (eg log piles or rubble), grassland, scrub, woodland or hedgerows

Great crested newts may be present even if:

  • the site has been ploughed, soil stripped or had ponds filled in within the last 4 years
  • the breeding pond was destroyed several years ago
  • the pond is muddy, heavily shaded or vegetated
  • the pond contains fish
  • the pond is temporary

You may be able to exclude areas from the survey if:

  • the newts are highly unlikely to be present, eg because the habitat is unsuitable or records show no newts nearby
  • the planned activity or development wouldn’t affect the newt population, eg because the newts are separated from harmful activities by a barrier the newts can’t cross
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