About Us

With many years experience converting barns in East Anglia, we are the first agency to specialise in marketing these unique and beautiful properties. Whether undeveloped or converted, Victorian red brick, clay lump, flint or timber framed, no two barns are the same. However they always offer a wonderfully unique mixture of character and history, with all concepts of a stylish and modern home. To support your sale we utilize the full power of the global internet coupled with tasteful bespoke presentations in all our fields to ensure your details attract the buyers’ attention.

Specialisation is the key issue in our service, there are no other distractions to our very personal service. The key attributes to our service are:

  • A complete understanding of the construction techniques and materials used in converting a barn
  • Bespoke details incorporating hand drawn floorplans highlighting the outstanding features of your barn
  • A greater emphasis upon photography than words to give a greater overview of the barn that is being sold or let
  • Non-stop marketing techniques through Internet and editorial
  • The chance to put something back into the rural community with a choice of charities that we will be putting 1.25% of our fee towards, such as the Barnowl Trust or Woodland Conservancy.
  • Lowering of carbon footprint by using recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible
  • An advice forum to fellow barn dwellers, whether you are trying to source a clay lump specialist or wood treatment company or an ironmongery designer.
  • The chance to follow an eco project from start to finish. View what techniques are being used to fulfill a dream of a carbon neutral home
  • Providing Eco-tips feature which will help to save our carbon emissions within our beautiful barns
  • A barnlife section outlining what else barns have to offer apart from just being special and unique homes, such as Barns used as wedding venues, swimming pools, breweries, holiday lets or office requirements